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At Sierra/Tango Productions, we believe that good stories transform the world. We produce feature films, television programs, and web content about thrilling adventures, fascinating places, and great heroes. We believe that the best content both entertains and informs.

Sierra/Tango always starts first with a good story. We then ask the audience to participate in making a difference. We create social action opportunities around all our content teaming with other media, non-profits, NGOs, and corporations. Our goal is to give audiences the opportunity to discuss, reach out, and become involved. Together we want to make the world better, one story at a time.

No Place On Earth Documentary Trailer:

American cave explorer Chris Nicola was 70’ underground when he was stopped in his tracks. What were an old-world ladies’ shoe, comb, cup and rusty house key doing deep inside one of the world’s longest caves?

About The Film.

National Geographic Adventure Magazine calls this story one of the ten best adventure stories of all time.

Sierra Tango is currently producing “NO PLACE ON EARTH” a feature length documentary film in association with History Films, the leading world broadcaster that produce a wide range of variety shows and documentary programs base on Fictional and Non-Fictional historical contents.


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