Voices of Civil Rights (HISTORY CHANNEL)

This collection of personal narratives was created by a group of journalists, photographers, and videographers as they embarked on a 70-day bus trip around the country to create the largest archive of oral histories of the civil rights.


Islam in America: Faith Under Fire (MSNBC)

Followers of Islam deal with life in the United States.


Life 360: Six Degrees of Separation (PBS)

How are we connected to each other? In "Six Degrees of Separation," Anna Deavere Smith and Jake Johannsen look at how closely we are all connected; the documentary "The Ripple Effect" probes the impact of the lives of four men who were all saved by the same hero in Vietnam; Pulitzer Prize winning writer Ron Suskind takes us back to 1969 when the nation shared in one, great human experience: the first moon landing and Robert Krulwich takes an animated look at Julius Caesar's last breath. Music from the band Train. Michel Martin hosts.


Witness to the Execution (MSNBC)

In the year 2000, over 3700 inmates were living on death row. Eighty-five legal executions were carried out. The program examines one of those 85 executions. Forrest Sawyer travels to the death chamber with 54 witnesses whose lives are changed by the event.



A web series looking at a country journey back from genocide through new efforts in health and education, commerce, and tourism.

Rwanda:  High-End Hopes for Coffee 


Rwanda: Protecting Gorillas