Memory Games

Memory Games is a 90-minute feature documentary intended for international theatrical/broadcast release that follows competitors from the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, and China as they prepare for the World Memory Championships (WMC) in December in London. We will immerse ourselves in the lives of the diverse group of contestants: the American who is both a physical and a mental athlete–his latest challenge climbing Mount Everest; the German who navigates a medieval city in a wheelchair because he suffers from a muscle wasting disease, and the Chinese teenager whose bedroom walls are papered with a mixture of phrases from classical Chinese literature and digits of pi. We will also meet the crazy, messianic, sometimes politically incorrect organizers of the world memory championships: Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene.

In MEMORY GAMES, we will see how the contestants train for hours a day building incredible memory palaces and journeys which they populate with startling images to accomplish feats of remembering that seem impossible (a deck of cards in 24 seconds, over 150 faces in 15 minutes, over 700 binary numbers in 5 minutes). And as these mental athletes train, we will learn how some of these techniques might help the rest of us.





UNSEEN ENEMY is a blend of comprehensive issue film like Food Inc. and personal fight film like Inconvenient Truth. The film examines the factors that have contributed to the emergence and re-emergence of viruses and bacteria: from the erroneous belief in the 1960s that we had conquered infectious diseases, to the refusal of some world powers to share information, to political choices gone deeply awry (the CIA posed as vaccinators in Pakistan which has been a significant factor in sparking anti-vaccination resistance throughout the Islamic world, which in turn caused an upsurge in polio a disease that we thought we had almost eradicated).

UNSEEN ENEMY will scare you, surprise you, and sometimes anger you as we look at what hasn’t been done, what needs to be done and what we can all do: from buttressing and networking public health systems, to figuring out what stands in the way of the development of new drugs, to building regional and global disease surveillance systems, to finally using the latest technology to allow the Thai farmer and the New Yorker, the Brazilian world cup attendee and the Hong Kong restaurant owner to become citizen health reporters. The irony is that the connection that puts us in danger is also the only thing that can save us. For the ultimate connector, this is the war of a lifetime. But this is a war where we each have a choice as to how it ends.

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Interested? Here is a Financial TImes article written about one of our featured characters, Dr. Peter Piot, the head of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the co-discoverer of Ebola.