Memory Games is a 90-minute feature documentary that follows competitors from Germany, United Kingdom, USA, and Mongolia as they prepare to compete around the world in Memory competitions vying to be the best in the world.

We will immerse ourselves in the lives of this diverse group of contestants: the American who is both a physical and a mental athlete – his latest challenge climbing Mount Everest; the German who navigates an old city in the former East Germany in a wheelchair because he suffers from a muscle wasting disease, and the Swedish Mongolian social media savvy young woman. A bright young star on the circuit, she is a person to watch and one of the few female competitors in a male-dominated sport.

In Memory Games, we will see how the contestants train for hours a day building incredible memory palaces and journeys which they populate with startling images to accomplish feats of remembering that seem impossible (a deck of cards in 22 seconds, over 150 faces in 15 minutes, over 700 binary numbers in 5 minutes). And as these mental athletes train, we will learn how some of these techniques might help the rest of us.


Category: Documentary
Duration: 90 minutes
Locations: England, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Netherlands, Sweden and USA.

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High Altitude Memory Training